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Demons and Earthquakes and Redneck, Oh My!

The party head into the Lokh foothills having left several of their number nursing a concussed Rostovok. Joining their ranks after being rescued from the gnome artificer’s clutches is Sir Trollingjam Estotally, a rogue of highly questionable character.

On their way towards the village of Yandek the party feel several earth tremors, and notice the land shows signs of recent, violent upheaval. Then the earth bucks beneath them, just as two flying demonic vrocks attack. Our heroes manage to destroy the foul creatures, but need to rest shortly thereafter.

That night Maya and Sir Trollingjam track a group of rather unsavoury mountain men and their hounds; all seem strangely deformed or mutated. Rather than make contact the pair return back camp.

The following day the party arrive in Yandek, which can best be described as a one-pony shithole. They meet Tovord, the friendly owner of the local hardware store, as well as Elder Tencher, de facto leader of this little hamlet. Her “blessing” raises a couple of eyebrows.

The rogues then investigate a nearby ranch, and get themselves spotted by a huge, knife-wielding redneck woman. Are they about to get shish kebabbed?

The Bride
The Postmodern Prometheus

After ceaseless badgering from Rostovok the party agree to follow him on his quest to find his mine.

A storm is brewing as the party head into the Lokh foothills. Ahead of them Rostovok vanishes down a 60 foot hole; M’fungwe, Song Eagle and Lenore head down to get him back.

The descent is not without mishap; Lenore tries bungee jumping with a hemp rope (not a great idea), and setting fire to herself with an oil lantern, before puncturing her foot on a rock. Good start. High above, thunder rumbles.

They discover an underground stream, but there is no sign of Rostovok. Following it they get jumped by cave crabs, which they are able to battle through.

They find a small cave complex; in the first chamber they find pickled herrings and a black pudding that dissolves Lenore’s sword. In the next chamber they find a huge mound of bones that conceals several truly shit magic items.

Finally they reach the last chamber. Within a huge patchwork creature in a bad wig and flower print dress lies on a stone slab, connected by copper wires to two huge copper conductors. A gnome at the far end of the room pulls a lever and lightning blasts into the inert creature, bringing it to live. “She’s alive!” cries the gnome before engulfing the heroes in a deadly toxic cloud.

Lenore moves to tackle the lumbering beast, while M’fungwe dimension doors himself and Song Eagle to the gnome’s location. It misty steps away, and a furious cat and mouse battle commences. Lenore takes on meat shield duties as the Bride repeatedly pounds on her, while standard meat shield Song Eagle opts to pepper the gnome with arrows, supported by M’fungwe.

The heroes are ultimately triumphant, though Lenore comes close to death on more than one occasion. A caged and unconscious Rostovok is found, along with the gnome’s conjugal bed, covered in rose petals. .

Town of Trums’fragh
The party are dicks

After a well deserved rest, only slightly disturbed by ghost hauntings and what is perceived as thunder, the players decide to investigate the city.

By threatening the minotaur barman called ____ in the inn ______ , they find out that something kills everyone who is mean to others. _____ thinks it looks like a giant demonic minotaur.

Encountering a goblin child that Lenorre deems incolent, she decides to dish out corporal punishment. Flies appears on Lenore shoulders approving of her actions, she swats them only for other flies to appear and congratulate her on murdering the first flies.

Unperterped the group continues to the town square where Molydeus the Trrrorf? the very camp artist is encountered. He is making a statue out of a large blob of clay in the centre of the plaza, depicting the great Mamuuuuth, Saviour of Trums’fragh.

Entering the mayors mansion they run in to the mayors inept assistant. Rostovok straight up murders her by pushing her down the stairs (seemingly for the pure enjoyment of the slaughter). Noone takes any offense of this, though the flies heartily approve and congratulates him on using his POWER.

In the mayors office the mayors body is found, speared to the wall. Death appears to be 8 hours prior, nothing else is found regarding the death. However, a secret door leeds to a small chamber that holds books by “The Musician” and the Thelok Defense League. The secret door is magically warded against non human/dwaves.

Going back to the town square they see a Bard Knight who introduces himself as Sir Ferdinand. Griselda identifies him as a potential heir to her powers, and for some random reason challenges him to a bard off. Before that can happen however, in an effort to cheat, Rostovok slaps Ferdinand and inflicts curse damage to him. A couple of worms climb out of Rostovoks armor telling him how awesome he is.

“The Guardian” an Acid Clay Golem awakens after this third act of violence from the group, and battle ensues. The battle forces the party to actually work together for the first time, but the fearsome foe is slain.

A quartgnome is fleeing the city is accosted, and tells them that the oppressive humans and dwarves will now return, seeing as the players have slaughtered the guardian who enforced peace and kind actions on the citizens of Trums’fragh. He is (predictably) met with more gratuitous threats and violence.

No level is gained
No Items of value is found
Rostovoks maximum is reduced by 16 until he has Greater Restoration cast upon him.

House of Sar Rastavok 2
part 2


After having Ransacked the house above the players, now joined by Griselda and Sasa, go downstairs to investigate the dungeons below. A murmuring chant can be heard throughout the entire complex. The crypts are investigated, and will later be used to lay the bones of Rose and Thorn to rest forever.

Fighting and looting ensues, until a statue of the demonlord known as “The Unknown” is encountered and the murmuring identified as “He is The Unknown, He is the Lord”. This seems to for some reason freak out Rostovok.

Transcending down to the lowest levels of the dungeon a cave is found with relics devoted to The Unknown, Griselda decided that she wants them, and loots them and is now carrying them around with her.

Lastly an alter is found with a sacrifice victim still alive on it, identified as the Human hating Satyr encountered at an earlier date. The chanting changes to “ONE MUST DIE”, and song eagle happily obliges by arrowing the victim. “The Unknown” thanks the players for unleashing him upon the world and dissipates in a cloud of insects.

-The players level up to level 7
Magic items found:
5 healing potions
1 spell book full of all sort of spells (Check Deathhouse for details)

House of Sar Rastavok
part 1


Rumours of G stomping around in southern Thelok draws the group down there, alas the rumour turns out to be false.
Running low on supplies and tired of the road they use Lenores contacts to sleep at a minor nobleman’s estate. During dinner it is made clear that timber is no longer arriving from Trums’fragh.

The party travels towards Trums’fragh, being the only centre of civilisation anyway. On this journey they run in to a band of scavengers who is looting a carriage. After swiftly murdering the ill armed riff raff, they set upon investigating the carriage:
- The carriage was full of furniture and other belongings of Sar Rastavok Rubytooth
- The occupant had been abducted from the carriage several hours before
- Deeds to a mine, and a letter promising an estate from the mayor of Trums’fragh (and a magical dolls house of said estate) was found in a nice coat of dwarven size

Quick to get hands on his price Rostovok leads his merry band of misfits to town, taking the carriage with them. They are greeted by a Brass band and a “feast” by the mayor and several citizens of town, happy that Sar Rastavok has come to take care of the bandits. No humans or dwarves are amongst the citizens, which is odd for the area and nature of Trums’fragh.

The group decent on the estate, and find a well kept town manor house, fully stocked with good wine and hams. There’s also a handful of disturbing murals and woodcarvings and evil beds Song Eagle quickly dispatches of.
Further investigation reveals two children ghosts named Rose and Thorn who in turn possess Xenith and Lennore as they leave the room the children are found in.

A staircase leading down to the basement is also found.

Can't Get the Staff

So this little old wizard Tortemus (with his pug, Susan) hired Song Bird, Kanye and Fabreze to steal back his magic staff from an evil wizard. The party hire three drunken goons as a distraction, and break in to the evil wizard’s house.

They chase the wizard around the house, taking out hired mercs as they go. The three distractions get killed or petrified (basilisk guard dog). In the study the party find the staff of Aromak. The wizard, who proves pretty powerful, fights to the death for the staff.

Badly wounded, the party rest up. As they do so Susan the pug trots in, and Tortemus sticks his head round the door. “Is it safe? Can I come in?” Song Eagle invites Tortemus in. Big mistake. See, Tortemus is not a little old kindly wizard. He transforms, revealing himself to be an ancient elven vampire. Who has just been invited into the house he couldn’t previously enter. usan is revealed to be a displacer beast.

Tortemus, after taunting the party a little, turns his back on them and leaves. Wisely, they choose not to attack. He takes the staff of Aromak with him.

On the plus side Song Eagle finds himself some boots of Striding and Springing.

All this is s flashback, shortly prior to meeting the rest of the party on the way to Trumsf’ragh.

Obviously the “evil wizard” they killed was not evil at all. And the three jocks they got killed were just innocent lads up for a night of fun. Yay for heroes!

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