The Chained World

Can't Get the Staff

So this little old wizard Tortemus (with his pug, Susan) hired Song Bird, Kanye and Fabreze to steal back his magic staff from an evil wizard. The party hire three drunken goons as a distraction, and break in to the evil wizard’s house.

They chase the wizard around the house, taking out hired mercs as they go. The three distractions get killed or petrified (basilisk guard dog). In the study the party find the staff of Aromak. The wizard, who proves pretty powerful, fights to the death for the staff.

Badly wounded, the party rest up. As they do so Susan the pug trots in, and Tortemus sticks his head round the door. “Is it safe? Can I come in?” Song Eagle invites Tortemus in. Big mistake. See, Tortemus is not a little old kindly wizard. He transforms, revealing himself to be an ancient elven vampire. Who has just been invited into the house he couldn’t previously enter. usan is revealed to be a displacer beast.

Tortemus, after taunting the party a little, turns his back on them and leaves. Wisely, they choose not to attack. He takes the staff of Aromak with him.

On the plus side Song Eagle finds himself some boots of Striding and Springing.

All this is s flashback, shortly prior to meeting the rest of the party on the way to Trumsf’ragh.

Obviously the “evil wizard” they killed was not evil at all. And the three jocks they got killed were just innocent lads up for a night of fun. Yay for heroes!


carl_white carl_white

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