The Chained World

Demons and Earthquakes and Redneck, Oh My!

The party head into the Lokh foothills having left several of their number nursing a concussed Rostovok. Joining their ranks after being rescued from the gnome artificer’s clutches is Sir Trollingjam Estotally, a rogue of highly questionable character.

On their way towards the village of Yandek the party feel several earth tremors, and notice the land shows signs of recent, violent upheaval. Then the earth bucks beneath them, just as two flying demonic vrocks attack. Our heroes manage to destroy the foul creatures, but need to rest shortly thereafter.

That night Maya and Sir Trollingjam track a group of rather unsavoury mountain men and their hounds; all seem strangely deformed or mutated. Rather than make contact the pair return back camp.

The following day the party arrive in Yandek, which can best be described as a one-pony shithole. They meet Tovord, the friendly owner of the local hardware store, as well as Elder Tencher, de facto leader of this little hamlet. Her “blessing” raises a couple of eyebrows.

The rogues then investigate a nearby ranch, and get themselves spotted by a huge, knife-wielding redneck woman. Are they about to get shish kebabbed?


carl_white carl_white

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