The Chained World

House of Sar Rastavok

part 1


Rumours of G stomping around in southern Thelok draws the group down there, alas the rumour turns out to be false.
Running low on supplies and tired of the road they use Lenores contacts to sleep at a minor nobleman’s estate. During dinner it is made clear that timber is no longer arriving from Trums’fragh.

The party travels towards Trums’fragh, being the only centre of civilisation anyway. On this journey they run in to a band of scavengers who is looting a carriage. After swiftly murdering the ill armed riff raff, they set upon investigating the carriage:
- The carriage was full of furniture and other belongings of Sar Rastavok Rubytooth
- The occupant had been abducted from the carriage several hours before
- Deeds to a mine, and a letter promising an estate from the mayor of Trums’fragh (and a magical dolls house of said estate) was found in a nice coat of dwarven size

Quick to get hands on his price Rostovok leads his merry band of misfits to town, taking the carriage with them. They are greeted by a Brass band and a “feast” by the mayor and several citizens of town, happy that Sar Rastavok has come to take care of the bandits. No humans or dwarves are amongst the citizens, which is odd for the area and nature of Trums’fragh.

The group decent on the estate, and find a well kept town manor house, fully stocked with good wine and hams. There’s also a handful of disturbing murals and woodcarvings and evil beds Song Eagle quickly dispatches of.
Further investigation reveals two children ghosts named Rose and Thorn who in turn possess Xenith and Lennore as they leave the room the children are found in.

A staircase leading down to the basement is also found.


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