The Chained World

House of Sar Rastavok 2

part 2


After having Ransacked the house above the players, now joined by Griselda and Sasa, go downstairs to investigate the dungeons below. A murmuring chant can be heard throughout the entire complex. The crypts are investigated, and will later be used to lay the bones of Rose and Thorn to rest forever.

Fighting and looting ensues, until a statue of the demonlord known as “The Unknown” is encountered and the murmuring identified as “He is The Unknown, He is the Lord”. This seems to for some reason freak out Rostovok.

Transcending down to the lowest levels of the dungeon a cave is found with relics devoted to The Unknown, Griselda decided that she wants them, and loots them and is now carrying them around with her.

Lastly an alter is found with a sacrifice victim still alive on it, identified as the Human hating Satyr encountered at an earlier date. The chanting changes to “ONE MUST DIE”, and song eagle happily obliges by arrowing the victim. “The Unknown” thanks the players for unleashing him upon the world and dissipates in a cloud of insects.

-The players level up to level 7
Magic items found:
5 healing potions
1 spell book full of all sort of spells (Check Deathhouse for details)


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