The Chained World

The Bride

The Postmodern Prometheus

After ceaseless badgering from Rostovok the party agree to follow him on his quest to find his mine.

A storm is brewing as the party head into the Lokh foothills. Ahead of them Rostovok vanishes down a 60 foot hole; M’fungwe, Song Eagle and Lenore head down to get him back.

The descent is not without mishap; Lenore tries bungee jumping with a hemp rope (not a great idea), and setting fire to herself with an oil lantern, before puncturing her foot on a rock. Good start. High above, thunder rumbles.

They discover an underground stream, but there is no sign of Rostovok. Following it they get jumped by cave crabs, which they are able to battle through.

They find a small cave complex; in the first chamber they find pickled herrings and a black pudding that dissolves Lenore’s sword. In the next chamber they find a huge mound of bones that conceals several truly shit magic items.

Finally they reach the last chamber. Within a huge patchwork creature in a bad wig and flower print dress lies on a stone slab, connected by copper wires to two huge copper conductors. A gnome at the far end of the room pulls a lever and lightning blasts into the inert creature, bringing it to live. “She’s alive!” cries the gnome before engulfing the heroes in a deadly toxic cloud.

Lenore moves to tackle the lumbering beast, while M’fungwe dimension doors himself and Song Eagle to the gnome’s location. It misty steps away, and a furious cat and mouse battle commences. Lenore takes on meat shield duties as the Bride repeatedly pounds on her, while standard meat shield Song Eagle opts to pepper the gnome with arrows, supported by M’fungwe.

The heroes are ultimately triumphant, though Lenore comes close to death on more than one occasion. A caged and unconscious Rostovok is found, along with the gnome’s conjugal bed, covered in rose petals. .


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