The Chained World

Town of Trums’fragh

The party are dicks

After a well deserved rest, only slightly disturbed by ghost hauntings and what is perceived as thunder, the players decide to investigate the city.

By threatening the minotaur barman called ____ in the inn ______ , they find out that something kills everyone who is mean to others. _____ thinks it looks like a giant demonic minotaur.

Encountering a goblin child that Lenorre deems incolent, she decides to dish out corporal punishment. Flies appears on Lenore shoulders approving of her actions, she swats them only for other flies to appear and congratulate her on murdering the first flies.

Unperterped the group continues to the town square where Molydeus the Trrrorf? the very camp artist is encountered. He is making a statue out of a large blob of clay in the centre of the plaza, depicting the great Mamuuuuth, Saviour of Trums’fragh.

Entering the mayors mansion they run in to the mayors inept assistant. Rostovok straight up murders her by pushing her down the stairs (seemingly for the pure enjoyment of the slaughter). Noone takes any offense of this, though the flies heartily approve and congratulates him on using his POWER.

In the mayors office the mayors body is found, speared to the wall. Death appears to be 8 hours prior, nothing else is found regarding the death. However, a secret door leeds to a small chamber that holds books by “The Musician” and the Thelok Defense League. The secret door is magically warded against non human/dwaves.

Going back to the town square they see a Bard Knight who introduces himself as Sir Ferdinand. Griselda identifies him as a potential heir to her powers, and for some random reason challenges him to a bard off. Before that can happen however, in an effort to cheat, Rostovok slaps Ferdinand and inflicts curse damage to him. A couple of worms climb out of Rostovoks armor telling him how awesome he is.

“The Guardian” an Acid Clay Golem awakens after this third act of violence from the group, and battle ensues. The battle forces the party to actually work together for the first time, but the fearsome foe is slain.

A quartgnome is fleeing the city is accosted, and tells them that the oppressive humans and dwarves will now return, seeing as the players have slaughtered the guardian who enforced peace and kind actions on the citizens of Trums’fragh. He is (predictably) met with more gratuitous threats and violence.

No level is gained
No Items of value is found
Rostovoks maximum is reduced by 16 until he has Greater Restoration cast upon him.


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