High King Gunthar (deceased)

Dwarven High King responsible for the breaking and chaining of the world


Dwarven High King Gunthar, worshipper of the Colossi, agreed to chain Dhrume after meeting with archmage Astor (dwarf), Prince Thyrinn (elf), Vice Dominar Kranthis (human), and Queen Lillandra (elf). They persuaded the High King that by chaining D he would have his own colossus.

This caused the Keys to fall silent, and then bring about The Shattering of the World

In the wake of the Shattering the Council of the Dwarves dragged on in disagreement until the impasse was broken when the dwarven High King decreed the reforging of the world by creating chains to bind together the shattered lands.

High King Gunthar (deceased)

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