Human Walker Paladin (James PC)


Red-headed Lenore is clad in shining plate mail armour and wields a greatsword. The symbol on her tabard and her bare feet mark her as a member of the Walkers, a holy order dating back to the golden age of the Kyras Dominion.


When Lenore was 6 Lenore attended of formal function at which her father Kullen met Rostovok.

Years later that same dwarf rescued the young Lenore after she and several Walker acolytes ran into trouble on a quest for a magic artifact that turned out to have corrupting powers

Four years ago Lenore joined the swamp druid Xenith, in his quest to slay a troll chieftain who had come to power and agressively expanded his territory in northern Refara. Her knowledge of the Troll challenge rights enabled the pair to overcome overwhelming odds and turn back an army, preventing all-out war. The swamp dwellers have not forgotten the debt they owe the Walker paladin.

Maya stole from her father Kullen, assisted by M’Fungwe.

Two years ago Lenore was able to resist the evil mindflayers after getting captured during a raid into Under-Kyrelle, and managed to escape with the halfling Maya.

In the last year Lenore has started travelling with the undead abomination Griselda. Initially Lenore slew the thing repeatedly, but each time Griselda would come back. Now she travels with the undead bloodmage, intent on curbing her worst excesses and finding a way to find a permanent rest for the tortured creature.

A year ago the 2nd Guild, the Starseers of Heaven’s Eye Temple in Ur, were besieged by dwarves, and Lenore could not refuse when Maya begged her to assist. She in turn recruited Xenith to the cause.

Since that day the party have traveled together.

Currently Lenore is assisting M’fungwe in his quest to perform to all seven Keys as an act of charity.


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