Bimbasola M'Fungwe (Sasa)

Tribal Spirit Drummer (Sean PC)


Thin, lanky and athletic, Bimbasola’s dark skin and thick accent mark him as a tribesman of the high savanna of Tanth.

Bimbasola’s dragon skull headdress and tribal tattoos are those of a Sasa, or Spirit Caller.


Bimbasola was born to a nomadic high savana tribe in northern Tanth, the place known locally as Muuri Oatunya. From a young age he claimed to feel the vibrations of the Muur (Seven Keys), channeling them into rhythms and beats that inspired his friends and cowed his foes.

Some of the tribal elders did not believe his claims, and so six years ago he left on a dragon-given quest to play to each of the Seven Keys in order to prove he is the world’s greatest Spirit caller.

When he first came to the city of Slum he was penniless, but soon earned coin, attention and ultimately celebrity by performing for the locals. It was at one of these performances that he met up with Maya, who was busy pickpocketing his audience. Shortly after this he met the drunken vagrant Rostovok, and began to nurse him back to health.

It was around this time that M’fungwe helped Maya rob Lenore’s father

A year ago the 2nd Guild, the Starseers of Heaven’s Eye Temple in Ur, were besieged by dwarves, and M’fungwe, having been won by Song Eagle in a bet, was compelled to assist. The terms of the bet were that they must both complete seven epic tasks together, and the breaking of the seige was the first.

Since that day the party have traveled together.

Currently M’fungwe continues in his quest to perform to all seven Keys as an act of charity, as well as keeping an eye out for suitably epic tasks to perform with Song Eagle..

Bimbasola M'Fungwe (Sasa)

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