Rostovok Rubytooth Bloodhammer

Dwarven warlock (Carl PC)


Rostovok is a stern-looking brown-bearded dwarf clad in red enameled plate mail armour. He carries no weapons.

When in close proximity there is often the indistinct sound of buzzing.

When his powers manifest, such with the summoning of a weapon or the casting of a spell, it is always with insectoid effects. His chitinous axe may form out of a sudden swarm of flies, his hex may take the form of centipedes bursting from inflicted wounds.


Rostovok is the firstborn of a powerful military family from the Lokh mountains, son of Warbaron Rosto Rubytooth Bloodhammer, hero of the Demon Wars, and Dhuna Bronzebard Bloodhammer, Speaker of the clan council. He is one of seven children, some of whom have followed their father into the military, others who have followed their mother into politics.

Rostovok had risen through the ranks to become battalion commander of the Ursine Outriders, clan Bloodhammer’s elite cavalry unit. It was around this time that he met Lenore, only six at the time, and her father Kullen, and a society function.

Throughout his military career he had become known for his bold, even reckless approach. His rapid rise and high birth lent him a certain arrogant pride. As a mark of office he wore dark red enameled plate mail, chased with gold filigree. His bear steed wore matching spiked barding.

The border skirmishes against the minotaur nomad tribes of the south had risen in intensity as they migrated north. The conflict culminated in a major dwarven offensive intended to crush their foe at Curago Pass. Overriding the objections of his advisers Rostovok led the Outriders through the narrow pass, underestimating his foe. They were ambushed and most of the force destroyed.

He lay dying, crushed beneath his dead bear. He cried out to Espra for the strength to rise and crush his enemies. A fly landed on him and whispered “I have heard your please and can grant you the power you crave. All I ask is that you open your mouth and let me inside.”

Deep down Rostovok must have known the nature of the pact he was making, but he was too consumed with injured pride to care. He opened his mouth and the fly burrowed into the bloody wound of a shattered tooth. Power suffused him. His wounds healed, he tossed the dead bear aside and crackling with pale blue electricity he summoned a gigantic war hammer from thin air. His foes fell like wheat before the scythe. By the battle’s end he as the only one standing. The pass was held.

He returned to his clan a hero, but the taste of victory was like ashes in his mouth. Slowly the nature of the pact he had made, and the hubris that had led to the destruction of the Ursine Outriders began to dawn on him. In shame he resigned his commission and left his home forever.

After years of wandering he happened upon Lenore once more, now 14, and saved her from a mission gone badly wrong.

Five years ago he was found, half drunk to death, by M’Fungwe, in the city of Slum. The Sasa nursed him back to health and helped him learn the nature of the being he had let inside; a Demon Lord known as The Unknown or the Lord of the Flies.

A year ago Rostovok met Song Eagle, and the two of them managed to get drunk, flay the High Holy Cat of the Meow Meow cult, eat it and then dress a giant rat up in the skin. They are not very popular these days with the Meow Meow cult.

A year ago the 2nd Guild, the Starseers of Heaven’s Eye Temple in Ur, were besieged by dwarves, and knowing Rostovok’s knowledge of dwarven military tactics Maya begged him to assist. Mindful of his debt to M’Fungwe, Rostovok agreed.

Since that day the party have traveled together.

Currently Rostovok is assisting M’fungwe in his quest out of gratitude from pulling him back from the brink.

Rostovok Rubytooth Bloodhammer

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