Sir Trollingjam Estotally

Disreputable Swashbuckler (Andy PC)


A master of disguise, confidence tricks and fancy swordplay. He wears a vrock feather in his floppy hat.


No one truly knows where he came from, whether he is in fact a noble of any kind, or even if his name is true! It is rumoured that he is originally from the north, although nothing has ever been substantiated.

Gliding through towns & cities, the populations only remember the characters that he happened to be at the time, sometimes dressed in fine clothes, brash & charming mixing with the lords & ladies. Other times barely being distinguishable from the masses or even mingling amongst the more unsavoury of society.

His art of deception couples with his other talent, ‘obtaining’ – Whether it is money, artefacts or information. He always has a plan & he is always seems to get away with it (mostly!) His unfortunate victims sometimes not even realising they’ve been scammed until he’s long gone.

Naturally he doesn’t linger anywhere for too long, disappearing before any repercussions of his ‘games’ catch up.

Sir Trollingjam Estotally

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