Song Eagle

Steppes wild warrior (Jules PC)


Song Eagle’s distinctive features and copper skin clearly identify him as a member of the barabarian tribes that roam the frozen steppes of Ur.

He tends to travel bare-chested, with a fur jerkin and fur vambraces.


Song Eagle hails from the frozen stepped of Pent in northwest Ur, a land awash with gnolls and slavers.

It was after getting captured by a gang of slavers that Song Eagle was taken to the Slaver City of Ankaras. Once there he promptly escaped and turned to a life of thievery.

Three years ago Song Eagle and Maya met whilst on separate missions to rob the home of Otto Goldbeard. They have been firm friends ever since.

A year ago Song Eagle and Rostovok landed themselves in hot water with the Meow Meow cat cult after drunken night and an act of inadvertent sacrilege (dressing up a giant rat in the skinned remains of the High Holy Cat is apparently frowned upon).

A year ago the 2nd Guild, the Starseers of Heaven’s Eye Temple in Ur, were besieged by dwarves, and Song Eagle could not resist the chance to return to Ur when Maya begged him to assist. M’fungwe, having been won by Song Eagle in a bet, was also compelled to assist. The terms of the bet were that they must both complete seven epic tasks together, and the breaking of the seige was the first.

Since that day the party have traveled together. Griselda has learned that Song Eagle is terrified of dying, after seeing the warrior fleeing a battle.

Currently Song Eagle is assisting M’fungwe in his quest to perform to all seven Keys as he thinks this is a likely way to achieve seven epic acts.

Song Eagle

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