Maya Daffodil

Halfling rogue/ monk (Stefan PC)


Maya is a button-nosed halfling girl, who often wears flower print summer dresses.


Maya grew up on the streets of Slum in Under Kyrelle. She specialized in daring burglaries and seemingly impossible infiltration jobs.

Some years ago she stole from Kullen, father of Lenore.

Five years ago Maya met the Spirit Caller Bimbasola M’Fungwe, whilst pickpocketing his audience.

Four years ago her tutelage under master Sifu began.

Three years ago Maya met Song Eagle whilst on separate missions to rob the home of the wealthy dwarven merchant Otto Goldbeard. They have been firm friends ever since.

Shortly after this Maya revisited Goldbeard’s home, and was captured when it turned out Goldbeard was a mindflayer vassal. She was rescued from a mindflayer lair by the Walker paladin Lenore some time later.

A year ago the Heaven’s Eye Temple, home to Master Sifu and the 2nd Guild, the Starseers, was besieged by dwarves. Maya gathered a party of heroes to save her master, including Lenore, Xenith, Griselda, Rostovok, M’Fungwe and Song Eagle.

Since that day the party have traveled together.

Currently Maya is assisting M’fungwe in his quest to perform to all seven Keys as she thinks this is likekly to be a mutually beneficial arrangement, and it does her no harm to get away from Slum.

Maya Daffodil

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