Griselda Breany Liseraat

Undead Tiefling Blood Mage (Jo PC)


Griselda looks like what she is; the animated dead carcass of an elderly teifling blood mage.


Griselda comes from the outskirts of Natak, the Free Holy City at the centre of the Great Celestial Sea on Ur..

Some have called her a blood mage, some a witch. Either way she eats children, and is no longer alive.

She is searching for a blood relative to serve as her apprentice, and can vaguely sense the location those relative, though only the nearest.

Griselda knows that Song Eagle is terrified of dying, having seen him fleeing a battle.

Griselda travels with the Walker paladin Lenore even though Lenore keeps trying to permensntly put her to rest, as the paladin’s efforts inadvertently attract victims.

Griselda has been teaching Maya how to brew poisons. In the course of that training the two worked on posons that wer used to take down a dwarven garrison during the recent Seige of Heaven’s Eye.

Griselda Breany Liseraat

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