Swamp druid/ ranger (Richard PC)


Xenith is a grey-skinned half-orc from the Refara swamps in southern Tanth.


Xenith grew up in the swamps of Refara and became a warden of that place.

After many years a troll chieftan named Ankara rose to power. He and his armies attacked the dam and flooded much of the land, drowning hundreds.

Xenith became a resistance fighter, running a guerilla war against the invading forces. He allied himself with the Walker paladin Lenore, who was able to invoke challenge rights to confront and slay the troll chieftan, averting full scale war and driving back the troll forces. Xenith and the swamp owe her an immense debt for this act.

A year ago the 2nd Guild, the Starseers of Heaven’s Eye Temple in Ur, were besieged by dwarves, and when Lenore asked him to assist he could not refuse.

Since that day the party have traveled together.

Currently Xenith is assisting M’fungwe in his quest to perform to all seven Keys in an attempt to repay Lenore.


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