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  • Trums'fragh

    Trumsf'ragh is an affluent town in southern Thelok, near to the Lokh Mountains. It is reputed to to be the in the heartland of the [[Thelok Defense League]] [[File:590732 | class=media-item-align-none | IMG_0820.JPG]]

  • Eir’n Bruogh

    Kyro was the capital city of [[:arch-dominar-kyras | Arch Dominar Kyras]], founded shortly after the Unification. War. Arch Dominar Kyras ordered the capital be built atop the Great North Chain, and it is said that no city has ever rivaled it before …

  • The Kyras Dominion

    Arch Dominar Kyras turned a small kingdom into a continent-spanning empire. The Kyras Dominion was, at it's height, the greatest empire the Chained World has ever known. All that came to an end when the Demon Wars laid waste to the world. Today the …

  • The Walkers

    *Description:* A holy order of paladins dedicated to upholding the ideals of the golden age of Kyras. It's followers wear the raised lantern symbol, and always travel barefoot. *Membership Requirements*: A sacred oath of alegiance to the order and …