Adventure Threads

1. War in Refara
The troll wars that Lenore helped Xenith avert in Refara were just the beginning. Acording to documents found in the Emerald Eye Mine, events on Conflict seem set to trigger even greater clashes. And how does this tie in to the siege of the Heaven’s Eye Temple in Ur a year ago? The party are en route to investigate.

2. Rise of the Demons
The party have witnessed the release of two major demons into the world, the Insect King and the “Everlord”, a demon that had been trapped by the slumbering prime earth elemental Guartanamor. What, if anything, do they plan to do about it?

3. Tortemus, agent of the Third Guild
The vampire mage has stolen the staff of Aromak. The vampires are destined to reclaim the sword of Aromak. And it turns out Tortemus was behind a recent attempted theft of a secret Covenant artefact. What are they up to?

4. Sar Rastavak’s Legacy
Rostovok has stolen Sar Rastavak’s home and emerald mine. One of the Knights of the Covenant aboard the Rocinante turns out to be Sar Rastavak. This surely can’t end well.

5. In Search of Colossi
Bimbasola is on a mission to sing to all 7 colossi. Can he find one to sing to, and what will happen when he does? As a researcher into the Colossi, Tippin (you know, Knackers) is equally invested in this mission.

5. Fleeing the Lich King
Maya has a ring that does not belong to her. Can she continue to avoid its rightful owner? And the powerful group that hired her to steal it?

6. Revenge against the Slavers
Song Eagle seeks revenge and redemption against the slavers that tore him from his tribe, as well as the invaders of Ur. Will he ever track them down?

Adventure Threads

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