Demon Wars

The Demon Wars began with the 7 Guilds opening the Demonic Gate, thinking it was the only way to regain the trading supremacy they had lost to the Kyras Dominion.

Demons poured into the world, slaughtering thousands in a time known as the Razing, which saw the arrival of the demon Princeling.

During this time Phukaroc the Whore-Demon possessed an unborn child.

The Razing culminated in the Battle of Eir’n Bruogh where the last army of Man fell and the capital was razed. In this greatest of defeats lay the seeds of rebirth; the heads of 7 Guilds sacrificed themselves to save Lilandra’s heir, for prophecy dictated the heir must be saved above all others.

And so it was that the Demon Messiah emerged, the most evil and powerful of the demons becoming the saviour of the world. Lilandra’s last heir was the unborn child that was possessed by the demon Phukarov decades before. She wass able to use Phukarov’s powers possess the greatest of all the demons.

The wars came to an end when the demon Pasasu entered the World of Chains and closed the rift behind her.

In the aftermath of the wars Lillandra’s sole living heir reunited the 7 Colossi who in turn restored order to the world.

Demon Wars

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