History of The Chained World



  • The 7 Keys (300m tall black iron colossi that each sing in one of the musical keys) sing the World into existence (light)

Before the Shattering

  • The Clash of B and E, in a war over territory known as the 1st Song War
  • The Destruction of the Village of Haddenbrook by Colossi, birthplace of Doomsayer Aromak
  • The Colossus G destroys the vampires’ mountain aerie capital, and before being lost in the rubble the sword Gunderai predicts it will one day be wielded by a vampire
  • Dwarven High King Gunthar, worshipper of the Colossi, agrees to chain Dhrume after meeting with archmage Astor (dwarf), Prince Thyrinn (elf), Vice Dominar Kranthis (human), and Queen Lillandra (elf). They persuade the High King that by chaining D he will have his own colossus.
  • The Chaining of the Colossi
  • The Keys fall silent, first D, then C, A, G, F, E, B.
  • Resonance; C hits a high note that shatters the world, breaking the continents apart

After the Shattering

  • The 1st Drumbeat: a colossus strikes its chest, and the sound echoes across the world
  • The Council of the dwarves drags on in disagreement.
  • The impasse is broken when the dwarven High King decrees the reforging of the world by creating chains to bind together the shattered lands.
  • Chordal Resistance: resistance fighters, believing the will of the Colossi should not be interfered with, fight against the dwarven forgers.
  • The Forging of the Chains
  • The A-less Age
  • The end of the 2nd Song War: C, G,and D cast out the 8th Colossus Cacophony (light)
  • The Culling of the Dwarves: mankind embarks on genocidal wars against the dwarves
  • As the armies of man close in the prime earth elemental Guartanamor joins the dwarves and trolls together (the dwarf girl Dungbat Rocksniffer and the troll king Krozzak are the inspiration for this act).
  • When the powerful Rockhewer clan’s plans to impose chain tolls are thwarted by the dwarf High King they sabotage the chains to the land of Delgardia, setting Delgardia adrift.
  • The first Skyships are built
  • The assassination of Queen Lillandra: a cloaked figure kills her and her guards with the sword Gunderai.
  • The dwarf Crowface uncovers a clue to the whereabouts of the Colossus A
  • The Unification War sees 7 of the 9 kingdoms defeated and unified under Kyras’ rule
  • The Kyras proclamation are signed, and favour humans over other races
  • Arch Dominar Kyras has her new capital built on the Great North Chain (light)
  • Intra planar expeditions begin
  • Kyras crushes the Jeremiah Corbayn Insurrection
  • The 7 Guilds seize power
  • The vampiric 3rd guild facilitate the peaceful death of Kyras, but refuse to turn Kyras into a vampire, which might have ensured the future stability of the empire. Her closest allies feared what she might become, and the vampires had their own long term plans
  • Kyras dies peacefully, and the empire goes into mourning
  • The Council do not follow Kyras’ wishes, and instead introduce a dynasty. The vampires argue for a legacy to ensure stability. Phredrik Kyras agrees reluctantly
  • The 7 Guilds, thinking it the only way to regain the trading supremacy, open the Demonic Gate.

The Demon Wars

  • The Razing sees the demon Princeling and his hordes Invade
  • Phukaroc the Whore-Demon possesses an unborn child
  • The Battle of Eir’n Bruogh sees the fall of the last army of Man, and the capital is razed. The heads of 7 Guilds sacrifice themselves to save Lillandra’s heir, following the prophecy which dictates the heir must be saved above all others
  • The Demon Messiah emerges: Lilandra’s last heir is the unborn child possessed by the demon Phukarov decades before. now she is able to use Phukarov’s powers possess the greatest of all the demons,
  • The demon Pasasu enters the World of Chains and closes the rift behind her.
  • Lillandra’s sole living heir reunites the 7 Colossi
  • The reunited 7 keys restore order to the world

Harmonious Rebirth

History of The Chained World

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