Skyships are vessels capable of lighter than air flight above and between the disparate continents of the Chained World. Built from Floatwood, a gravity-defying material that grows only in the vast Floatwood Forests of Ur, they are typically controlled by powerful magical devices known as Skyship Helms.

Helms can be any shape or size. It is sometimes incorporated into the ship’s wheel. The only requirement is that it must be bolted securely to the ship’s deck. It is most usually created in the form of a large throne like chair. The helm allows the magic user that activated it to control the vessel’s direction and velocity.

Skyships first emerged in decades before the birth of the Kyras Dominion, but it was Arch Dominar Kyras and her generals that first recognized the overwhelming tactical advantage they represented in pursuit of intercontinental war.

Today Skyships are ubiquitous. They form the backbone of trade and transport between the continents. The Commercant Guild holds a complete monopoly over the construction and distribution of skyships, although some vessels have fallen into the hands of pirates over the years.

There have been rumours of experiments with sentient skyships in the shipyards of the Lokh Mountains, though there is no evidence these experiments have ever borne fruit.

See Skyships in 5e for more information.


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