The 7 Keys

The Seven Keys are seven 300 meter-tall colossi forged from black iron. Each sings in a different key, and each has eyes that glow a different colour.

It is said that at the start of time the Seven Keys sang the World into existence.

The Seven Singers walk the world seemingly oblivious of the impact of their passage or of the mortal races of the world.

This has nor prevented the people of the Chained World assigning attributes and even religious significance to these impassive creatures.

The mortal races have named and classified the colossi in many ways.The tribes of the High Savannas of Tanth name them Muur.

One of the most common classifications of the Colossi is as follows:

Number Key Colour Domain Name
1 A Orange Life Ankhra
2 B Yellow Death Brahn
3 C Green Nature Certes
4 D Blue Knowledge Dhrume
5 E Indigo Tempest Espra
6 F Violet Trickery Fove
7 G Red War Ghorra

In addition the so-called “8th Colossus”, the aberration known as Cacophony, is sometimes considered one of their number.

Great superstition and myth surround the colossi, and over the millennia various belief systems, cults and religions have sprung up around them.

The 7 Keys

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