The Shattering of the World

The Shattering of the World was triggered by the chaining of Dhrume, colossi of Knowledge.

The dwarven High King Gunthar, a devout worshipper of the Colossi, agree to the chaining after meeting with the dwarven archmage Astor, elven Prince Thyrinn and Queen Lillandra, and human Vice Dominar Kranthis. They persuaded the High King that by chaining Dhrume he would have dominion over his own colossus, and that his people would be spared the destruction it caused..

The mortal races combined to ensnare the colossus in the heart of Kyrelle, and as Dhrume stopped moving it fell silent.

Then each of the others stopped moving and singing, first D and then C, A, G, F, E, B.

Then came the moment of Resonance. Then Certes hit a high note that shattered the world, breaking continents apart in a cataclysm that slew tens of thousands. .

In the aftermath of came the 1st Drumbeat: a colossi strikes its chest, and the sound echoed across the world. The Keys began to move and sing once more.

The Shattering of the World

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