The Walkers

Description: A holy order of paladins dedicated to upholding the ideals of the golden age of Kyras. It’s followers wear the raised lantern symbol, and always travel barefoot.

Membership Requirements: A sacred oath of alegiance to the order and its principles.

Sphere of Influence: Most of the Chained World, but primarily Kyrelle and Tanth.

Ethos: Travel the land to uphold the ideals of honour, fairness and justice, no matter how inconvenient some may find that.

History: The Order was founded during the golden age of the rule of Arch Dominar Kyras, tasked with protecting the crown and its interests. Over its history it has been an elite honour guard, a respected force for good, and a form of secret police. Today the Walkers are seen by many as something of an anachronism. Some even see their unbending adherence to old values as an inconvenience, but at least a grudging respect for the order endures, particularly among those older nations that value tradition.





The Walkers

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