The Rocinante

The Rocinante

The Rocinante is an experimental skyship, created in the Lokh Mountain shipyards.

The ship was intended to be controlled through a psychic bond, removing the requirement for a magic-weilding pilot, and as such was created with a degree of sentience. However the finest minds of the Lokh Mounatin shipwrights failed to activate the vessel and it was abandoned as a failure when the shipyards were vacated 3 years ago.

For reasons unknown the psychic link was activated when Sir Trollingjam Estotally came into contact with the ship. He and hos companions have now taken ownershio of the vessel.


The ship is made of floatwood, a clear light wood that has self-repairing properties. It’s lines are elegant, almost elven, though the sturdiness of the vessel is more reminiscent of dwarven work.

The masts have broken off, and at present are seeping a clear amber sap.

The ship projects an almost palapable sense of protection and comfort to her crew; she feels like home. It generates the sense of a female voice in the mind, though there are no real words that can discerned. The personality is communicated in emotion, akin to that of an over-exuberant puppy.

Several huge chess pieces (a rook, knight, bishop and pawn) continually move about the ship. Their purpose is unclear. In the cargo deck a large metal disk continually spins around the deck’s perimiter; it seems somehow happy.

Captain’s cabin: Sir Trollingjam Estotally. The ship protects this cabin from unwelcome visitors.
Tippen’s Cabin: The fore cabin on the lower deck is lined with books. A large bulbous window dominates the room, ending on either side with a large green crystal sphere, the ship’s “eyes”.
Bimbasola’s cabin: Aft port.
Xenith’s cabin: Aft starboard. This room is rustic and sparse. There is a rug and a bonsai.
Rostovok and Maya’s cabin: the bunkbeds in this room are shrouded in darkness. There is a constant sense of being watched, and the uneasy feeling that the room’s unnatural darkness stems from every surface in the room being completely covered in flies. .
Song Eagle’s yurt: the ship’s boat, covered by a tarp on the main deck serves as Song Eagle’s home from home. It reminds him of the yurts out on the steppes.

The Rocinante

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